Deadliest pair

Being arrogant and ignorant is a deadly combination and sadly it seems that the more privileged places have the most occurrences.

If you ever wondered what it takes for a person to hate to a level of destruction, having these two characteristics are all that is needed. In recent news, we have people who would shoot up a religious building with occupants. We have seen people set fires to churches and we have seen people use religious holidays for their day of destruction. Why? Whatever cause they believe they are upholding suggests that some other opinion is not worth life. Who actually has authority to end another person’s life?

Being ignorant means you are uneducated or uninformed. It means that you don’t know what you don’t know. Then an arrogant person is one who has a super skewed sense of their own importance. This is why they attempt to give advice when not asked. They are extremely opinionated and they use social media as their platform. But what is undeniable is that with all of their advice, their own life actually speaks to their ignorance.

I’m not talking about specific people and there is no hidden agenda. I just struggle when I watch the news because it seems to showcase this stupidity. We see people hurting people, destructive opinions and insensitive actions.

Clearly this must be the reason God said that revenge belongs to him and he would repay. Only God can make a commandment that he himself would not violate. Could you imagine if these ignorant/arrogant people had the authority to decide and create policies? They would only eventually destroy themselves.

What is just as sad is that it does no good to encourage people to examine themselves because if that would work, then there would be no one walking around ignorant and arrogant.