Sell out’s beware

There are some things that just are not meant to be sold. Your integrity must be one of those. The term “sell out” although normally used to describe someone in the music industry is the act of giving up artistic integrity for the purpose of becoming more popular or successful. So an artist who began his career speaking out against social injustice only to be persuaded by social norms to begin softening his message to sell more music is by definition a sell out.

This definition fits politics, sports, religion and the like. So I have to say something blunt to the sell out. I must first apologize to those it may offend but I need to say it if for no other purpose to help balance the universe.

Mr. or Mrs. sell out, your level of selfish self preservation stinks to the high heaven. The people you abandoned in your attempt to boost yourself did not deserve your betrayal. You are the worse form of a rodent you can find and may your gain prove to be your demise. Great job of looking out for yourself. You deserve all that comes your way. I can’t wait until you get the full cycle of your new inheritance. There is a greater power than you.

Ok. I’m done. See that wasn’t so painful. It is never necessary to be a freakin sell out. As you were.