Still playing the fool … sometimes

I feel like every other month I’m writing about someone being someone else’s fool. It seems that some people say that they hate being the fool, but their foolish behaviors never change.

There are so many different areas where you can major in foolishness from the workplace to relationships, at church and even with strangers. What makes a person “play the fool?” Great question! It’s normally when they are blind to the obvious. There is something they want so bad that they forget to apply common sense.

Common sense in your life works like salt does with food. You see salt brings out flavor. Your meal isn’t supposed to taste salty when you use salt. It’s supposed to taste flavorful. In other words salt is an enhancer for your food. It helps the food to be all it can be to the delight of your taste buds.

Well, common sense does the same thing with the scenarios in your life. Remember I said that the salt is an enhancer? Common sense, when applied to any situation magnifies or enhances that scenario so that you get a better read on the situation. Without it, the situation looks bland or dull to you and it’s hard to negotiate the decision making process when things are out of focus.

Case in point: When you are in a relationship and you are constantly giving, and giving and giving and the person you are with never attempts to match your intensity, then they are really not into you. This is obvious to see when common sense is applied. Take away common sense and all that is left is simply wasting your time hoping the person will come around seems like the right thing to do. Without common sense you will start rationalizing behavior and empowering the laziness in your relationship. Then when someone with common sense comes and shares a different view of your situation you get angry and think that they just don’t understand the situation.

Stop playing the fool.

Relationships are for people who are whole, not broken. When you’re broken it’s hard to be sensible. Fix your brokenness before you try to give yourself away to someone in pieces. Failure to do this results in you playing the fool … sometimes.

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  1. My brother, I concur that relationships were, in their divine inception, made for those who had been taught, developed and molded into wholeness by their earthly parents, as they were instructed by The Heavenly Parent….but herein lies the great tradegy… in this world of BROKEN homes, and BROKEN families, who then attend BROKEN churches, if they attend at all, the hope of finding UN BROKEN people
    with whom to enter relationship with… is very, very slim…add to that you primary point…people don’t use common sense because they are often moved by their emotions while lacking any emotional intelligence in the first place….and Wow….we end up here…your thought Pastor?

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