A conversation about protesting

In the midst of protest, I wonder what actually makes someone want to protest? I mean, we will see many protests on abortion in the weeks to come. Any number of other protests could take place from gun laws in the wake of the Virginia Beach shooting to this foolishness Republicans are doing with the census.

The problem with protesting is being in the know about what you’re protesting. Is it really possible to be outraged by an abortion law that kills babies, but be silent about police shootings on African Americans? Can we truly hate Trump for putting kids in cages in detention centers who come to our country seeking escape from somewhere and not be just as outraged with Obama who did the same thing?

Is it right to argue the inhumane treatment of animals while enjoying steak, bacon or fried chicken and never mention how those animals are treated?

If any of these are possible then protesting is simply hypocrisy! Or maybe the problem is that we are not informed. We have not done our homework before we lash out in protest. We want to be so up-to-date with our arguments but all it shows is that we haven’t done our homework.

Although it is never taught this way but this is why history is so important. There is nothing new under the sun. Most of what we are seeing is a rerun. And when you research how some of our laws became laws and how some of our practice became “best practices”, it will make you sick to your stomach.

This is why Donald J. Trump is definitely not the worst president the U.S. has ever had. Ninety percent of what he has done, was tried before by another president. The anger should not come against the president alone because he’s not acting alone. Both political parties have failed to represent the middle and lower classes, but without history we protest the wrong things.

That’s your history lesson for the day! Happy protesting!!