Tired of guns yet?

Given the true history of the United States of America, are we not too sophisticated for guns in our society?

We are still experiencing school shootings, homicides, suicides and accidental deaths by guns. In healthcare we are trying to get everyone to be proactive in getting their screenings, knowing their numbers (related to blood pressure and diabetes), excercise, eat the right foods, why? Because doing these things will promote good health and save lives. And all the advocates for good health carry a message that is null and void because of guns.

Does profit matter that much to us that our very lives have become worthless?

Over the last 45 years 1.4 million people have been killed by guns. We loose about 13k people a year because of guns. It just seems that it’s such an easy decision to say that we have outgrown firearms. It seems that we would want to be a more civilized nation and not have a need for such violence.

The main politicians who speak in favor of guns are financially connected to the industry in some way. They are making money off of our dead.

Japan and other countries have all but eliminated firearms from civilians. Are they really that much better than us?