Call it maybe…

You ever felt like your life was in a holding pattern? You know like how planes circle in midair around the airport waiting to land. And due to inclement weather they end up circling longer than anticipated? Life can get that way too.

It is especially difficult if you are waiting on someone else to do something or for a situation to happen. What’s even worse, is for some of us, our minds will do us in with negativity. We start second guessing our motives and actions. We begin to think the worst and doubt whether things will work out for the best.

This seems to be the time where God has said, “maybe” when answering our prayer. When God says maybe, things come to a screeching halt and we have no choice but to wait.

This is normal test time with God.

You see, he already knows the outcome but he wants to see how well your faith holds up during a trial. In one of your darkest hours, how strong and supportive is your faith or even the faith of the people around you.

Are you going through a test of faith right now? How are you holding up? Are you operating in a safe environment that is comforting for you? The people around you, are they helpful? Are your expectations being met? Have you placed expectations in areas or on someone you shouldn’t have?

These are all questions that need to be answered and learned from during this trial. So in the meantime, find the answers you need and hang in there!