You are depressed for a reason

Hey you!

Yes! You! You have been depressed for some time now. Are you just going to hold on to your depression like it’s a tumor or are you gonna finally take it to a professional for help?

Depression is not a condition that you’re supposed to deal with it alone. It was meant to be shared. It’s like a large pizza, you can’t eat that all by yourself — at least you’re not supposed to. When you think about depression there are actually some positive takeaways people don’t think about.

For example, depression was meant to bring people who love each other together. There is nothing like a condition to bring family and friends close. Not that they can do anything specifically about it, depression makes you be present and focus your attention on one person. It pauses our lives that we might reaffirm feelings and gratitude toward each other.

Depression also humbles you because eventually you must realize that you need help and support so you have to humble yourself to ask.

Depression also allows you to see who is really with you and who you can count on. This is particularly important because there could be worse ways of finding this out — like waking up from a coma from a car accident or heart attack. Depression is a milder way of seeing your support network in action.

But the greatest thing depression does is it should get you to counseling. There are things in your life that are hard to measure or deal with. We also make a lot of mistakes and there needs to be a way for us to talk in private about things that bother us or things that make us afraid. There are some things that need to be hashed out before decisions are made and there are some things that need to be diagnosed. There is NO SHAME in this.

Bottom line is: You need counseling my friend. Don’t let fear or pride keep you from thriving. Help is a phone call or email away. Make an appointment with Clydestyle today! Technology allows us to serve you anywhere in the world!

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  1. Awesome, Clyde! I have found a counselor that is making me explore so much that I didn’t even know was an issue! I agree! Everyone needs counseling! Thanks for this!

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