Mind over matter

What’s real and what isn’t?

Many times we have battles in our mind that stem from what’s going on in our lives. This battle built on actualities and interpretations — what actually happened and how my mind interprets it.

So if I already have doubts about myself or self esteem or self worth issues, just imagine how bias, against me, my mind will interpret every situation I’m in. I won’t ever be able to do anything right. Someone will always not like me or be against me and I will always find someone else to blame for my troubles.

My rational emotive behavior is working against me and statistically speaking if I am a minority, I am effected by this condition more often than my white counterpart.

Before the mind over matter battle happens in the mind, there needs to be a pre-battle in my conscious where interpretations are challenged. Not to make this complicated but I had to take responsibility for the healthy functioning of my brain and that includes having a favorable outlook on self.

For example, in your mind you might think nobody likes you. But in your conscious you must challenge that statement. Because all I have to find is one person to like me to make it a false narrative. I may think I can’t do anything right. My conscious says sure I can and begins a list of things I have done right.

The old hip hop adage of “check yourself before you wreck yourself” rings true here. So begin challenging those thoughts that stop your forward motion. Argue those thoughts that make you abandon your dreams and love your best life — in support of self!