We need another “We are the World” recording

Back in 1985, Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie lead an all-star cast of singers and musicians in the recording of We Are The World to raise awareness and funds for those starving in Africa. It was unprecedented and it made a difference. Twenty-five plus years later another group of all-star singers and rappers got together for a similar recording with the beneficiary being Haiti this time. Equally as touching and Haiti was better off.

Now, America needs to come together for our troubles here. We have lost our way and greed, fear, hate and selfishness has consumed this country. Everyone is for themselves and people are dying, oppressed, forgotten and depressed.

Rich people are being trusted to take care of the needy and they are doing a horrible job. There is a clear history of disparities in this country and both political parties have blood on their hands.

Americans have lost its compassion. In the song there is a line that says “there’s a choice we’re making. We’re saving our own lives.” This is a profound statement because it calls attention to those who participate in humanity. You cannot be a part of the human race and not care about the whole human race. If one of us hurts, we all hurt. When you turn a blind eye towards any injustice your conscious dies a little each time. With slavery, civil rights, women’s rights and gay rights, too many of us have tried to look the other way at the expense of their conscious.

America is leading with it’s worst parts out front. Change needs to happen immediately for we don’t have time anymore for politics. The people who will suffer first will be the weaker vessels meaning the very poor and uneducated.

Then the suffering will continue all the way to the middle class. Do we have to wait that long before we decide to get involved? We are responsible for us!