Are you a part of pill nation?

Currently, 7 of 10 Americans take prescription drugs according to the Mayo Clinic.

What does that say about our nation? Are we feeble, sickly, stressed out and anxious? Well, yeah!

How did we get in such bad shape or is this all for profit? How much do you personally rely on drugs?

Clearly the stress of “making it” in America is rough as is the anxiousness of losing everything or it being taken from you. Our prejudices have many of us living in fear and the violence gets depressing.

Congress has us on the worry wheel and the economy fluctuates too much. Doctors are being taught in schools to diagnose and treat with synthetic drugs. Did you catch how I said that?

A doctor today will not tell you that all you “need is some zinc and vitamin C so head to your local health food store and they’ll hook you up!”

You will get a synthetic prescribed drug and Walgreens and CVS will be waiting on you!

In addition there are people who are taking meds because they told their doctor they were having problems with something and out came the prescription pad. To have to take 5 to 10 pills every morning is no way to live when food could be the medicine.

How much have you bought into pill nation? Do you think there is a better way? Could lifestyle changes be the key to a better life for you? Are you even willing to try??

I’m asking for a friend…