How are you maintaining balance in your world?

Something doesn’t feel right. You can’t quite put your finger on it but you have been off your game for a while now. Others are starting to see it. You feel it and it’s bothering you.

Nothing has fallen apart, yet but you don’t like this feeling. Chances are you are unbalanced.

So many factors lead to being unbalanced. To achieve balance your mind, body and soul must function as one. Just as if you were walking a tightrope. On the high wire you can see that the breathing and movements are all in sync. Everything about the body, mind and soul are singular now. When this is achieved, you are well balanced.

When you make a fist, if your fingers are not aligned together there is no way your punch would be solid or even effective. That alignment is key in a punch and it is equally key in your life.

What you eat, how much sleep you get, how stressed you are, who you listen to and the exercise you get are all factors in your balance. How do you regulate the things that come in and out of your life?

If you understand this then you know that it matters who you allow in your life. It matters how you deal with life’s stressors and whether or not you properly refuel yourself each day.

This is your wake up call! You must matter to yourself before you can matter to anyone else.

You only have one life, one body, one mind and one soul … don’t waste it!