The gift of presence

One of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs (and I have many) is the song “Don’t you worry bout a thing”.

He says not to worry about anything because when you check out the sidelines he would be there. If you have ever worried, this is very comforting.

I spent 24 years raising my children and I thought at differet stages of their development they needed different things. As I got towards the end of their upbringing I realized that there was one constant element that I really took for granted in giving to them. All they really needed was my presence.

Not money, toys, teaching, food, clothing, shelter or any other thing that can be obtained by money. They needed me there. I represented a security they didn’t believe would come by any other means.

As they got to know me, my presence became larger and more important. When their world got scary or confusing it was needful to have me there with that look of confidence that provides shade for them.

My oldest has often told me of the confidence he had and has in me. He believed that in every situation I would just “figure it out!” He trusted my anwers and awaited my perspective.

You know our relationship with God is supposed to be the same way. Sadly, we don’t always invite him to our pity parties.

We get content to go through things alone and even some of us don’t even allow others to help.

What good is having a relationship with the almighty if we are not going to take advantage of it?

There are people reading this blog right now caught in a stuggle and you’re probably nodding your head in agreement with this blog, but you have not given your burdens to the Lord.

Let’s pray: Father, we accept and acknowledge your love, patience and control and we call upon it now in our time of need. We need your intervention Lord. We need your understanding in our current situation. At times, Father, we have been negligent and have walked contrary to you will. We acknowledge this as sin and ask for your forgiveness. There are times when we have struggled in our faith and not been the example to others. Help us, oh God, to be more of what you called us to be and less like the world. Thank you for your presence in Jesus name. Amen!