Ignoring the wrong we see

How hard is it to find out that a particular thing you are doing is wrong and change to start doing it right?

I for one hate to be wrong. I spend a lot of time researching and reviewing information so I won’t be but occassionally it still happens. As much as I hate being wrong, I hate even more the idea of continuing to do that same wrong after learning the right way. Sometimes we refer to this as habit. And sometimes are habits can be destructive.

How can our society continue to do things wrong if it knows that there is a better way?

Income inequality is really bad in America and it displays our arrogance and greediness when we choose to do nothing about it. We are also extremely bias and violent as a nation and because of our western diet we are extremely sick. Everything I just named can be changed. It would actually benefit everyone if we did change. It would save our country financially, morally and humaniterally, but politicians on either side are not even discussing this.

At what point do we stop blaming ignorance and claim purpose? We must be allowing these things on purpose. It must be benefiting some larger entity that wants things the way they are.

Our country is heading toward another revolutionary war if things don’t get better. History truly repeats.