Hold your peace, please

So there was this guy who got into this huge argument with a brick wall… yes, I said a brick wall.

The man was really getting upset that no matter how loud he got, it seemed as though the brick wall just held its position. He yelled, screamed and cursed and do you know that stubborn wall wouldn’t budge.

As the man continued to plead his case to the wall, his chest area got tight. His nose started bleeding and he got dizzy, but he kept going!

The man’s jaw got tight and his left arm began throbbing. He grabbed his chest as he felt a slight urge to use the bathroom and then dropped dead.

The wall held up as if to brag about this shallow victory. To think that the dead man could have been doing something much more productive and fun than trying to make a convincing argument to something incapable of comprehension.

Have you ever tried to have a civil discussion about religion or politics with someone of an opposing view? Have you ever tried to explain your position on a subject to people who could care less what you think?

Have you tried to share your life experiences with a much younger person who believed you had nothing of value to them?

I remember arguing with a guy who is dead now, but I was trying to share with him the benefits of a plant-based diet because he was in his 30s and on dialysis because his diabetes went years out of control. His last words to me were, “Ain’t nobody gonna tell me I can’t have my steak and potatoes!” And what he really meant was he was not going to listen to anyone telling him what he can and cannot eat. Now after he has revealed that this is his view, who would keep arguing with him?

People believe all sorts of things without proof. This is by far the worst thing about the internet: There is way too much false information available and not enough fact checkers!

This arguing raises our blood pressure and is contributing to our demise. Is it that we just really care that much, or is it that our desire to be heard and relevant supersedes our logic to hold our peace?

All of these wastes of breaths will come back to haunt us when we are finally in our last days. So do yourself a favor and hold your peace!