Rate yourself

If there was a rating system for human beings, what type of human would you be? I mean would you seek to get high scores? Would you act any different than you do today?

It seems that it does not matter to some people how others see them. I wonder if there were a system and within that system you had to score a certain amount of points. Imagine if each year everyone had to score a certain amount of points for “doing good”. I mean you scored points when you helped people, or when you were kind or when you sacrificed for others or if you made your community better. Imagine if this was the case and those who failed to score enough points had to spend the following year in jail??

I wonder would there be people in prison if this were the case? Or what if things like greed, envy, lies, anger and hurting people took points away?

Imagine if your kindness was your currency? Who then would be rich?

It is sad that in America we have such a morality issue and we don’t seem to know what is right anymore. Or we just don’t care because the consequences aren’t stiff enough.

The things that are important and matter are not our biggest things. Covetousness seems to be and unless something drastically changes, we will ultimately cause our own country to fall.