We made it!

The new year is not yet 24 hours old as 2019 went out with a bang. This wasn’t merely the close of another year, but we are beginning a new decade that many did not get to see.

Now is the challenge to create a plan for advancement and well being that has us living our best life in this new decade. For many, looking back 10 years brings mixed emotions as the ups and downs life hurls at you challenged us spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

We made full use of all our emotions and unfortunately we brought hurt with us to this new decade. But we also brought love and hopefully honesty. We saluted those who left this life and we made stronger the relationships that matter.

Now, we stare at the future with uncertainty and hope. The number one thing that everyone should have learned is that you got out of life whatever you put into it. If you sowed a lot of bad decisions, then sadly you reaped bad outcomes. Many stayed in relationships waaaaay too long and we put up with things that we should not have had to tolerate. Well, that does not have to happen in 2020. It is our job to implement correction. Clearly mark the learning curve and follow it to success. Life is nothing but a bunch of actions and reactions. Try to stay on the “actions” side as you will get more out of life that way.

Another thing that should have been learned is that you always have a choice. You may not always like the choices but you always have a choice. Understanding this should keep you from feeling helpless. Play the hand you’re dealt so that new cards will keep coming. Stop hanging on to bad cards.

And finally, we learned to be well. You cannot give yourself to someone else when you are broken. People will just pick out the pieces of you that they like and leave the rest. You will feel used, abused and confused. Allow yourself to rest and heal. Feed you body and your soul with good things and grow an environment around you that makes you so happy you want to dance! No one should dominate your life. Instead you should be sharing your life with someone who has proven they want to be in it.

I am committed to making this a safe space for you so that healing, learning, laughter and honesty can take place. Happy New Year! This will be the decade you have been waiting for!