A special role: Mother

Guest written by Valerie M. Whittaker

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers and to you who serve as mothers!

Webster’s Dictionary describes the verb tense of the word mother as, “to give birth to; to give rise to {to cause to happen}; produce.” I love those phrases!

Mothers, we are life givers.  What an honor! What a privilege! Almighty God could have brought new life into this world any way He wanted but He created us, the female, to be his vessel through whom He brings new life into the world!

Mothers, I want you to remember our role in the Earth; we are life-givers, producers and we cause things to happen! But our role doesn’t end when we give birth to the baby.  As a life giver, we nurture our children, we protect our children, we instruct our children, and we speak life and good things into our children! We give rise to Presidents and world leaders and produce wonderful, hard-working, law-abiding citizens. We are awesome!  

Maybe you’re feeling unappreciated today; maybe you feel as if those you love are too busy for you or just don’t care about you the way that you care about them. Be encouraged, mother! God chose YOU! And as a life-giver, don’t allow dead things in your life to stay that way!

Strained relationship? YOU are the life-giver, so be the one to apologize, to forgive, and give life to that thing! Feeling as if your life is stagnant? YOU are the life-giver, so start or join a book club, find a new hobby (I just took tennis lessons and I had a ball!), volunteer at your local hospital, join a life group at your church.  Birth new life into your old one! Is your loved one struggling in some area? YOU are the life-giver, so speak life into them and be that one who always speaks encouraging words to them.  

Some of us are young mothers, some are older mothers; some of us dropped out of school at a young age, some of us have Ph.Ds.  Some of us are single mothers, some of us have wonderful partners to help us on this motherhood journey.  Whatever your lot in life, mother, you have God-given power to create life.  You are a beautiful vessel of life! Please remember that!

So let’s go! There is always something around us that could use new life.  Find that thing, create the new life, use your power, mother! There is always more mothering to do!

Mother, I appreciate you! I love you! I’m cheering for you!

Much Love, Mother!


4 Replies to “A special role: Mother”

  1. Beautifully done, Val! Indeed, mothers are “life givers!” Thanks for reminding us of this incredible God-given power to change the world 💕.

  2. Val,
    Thank you, Thank you so much for your blog. I had forgotten something’s but reading your blog it all came rushing back. I appreciate you reminding Mother’s what awesome power god has given us. To be a mother is the highest calling. So, thank Valeria for words of wisdom.

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