You always have a choice

Choice is an act of decision making or selecting when faced with two or more possibilities. It’s given to everyone regardless of race, color, creed or gender. Even though there are powers that will attempt to destroy your choice, everyone still gets one.

It seems as though the key to life would be to consistently make good decisions. Further, choice is one of those markers that reminds us that we are free.

Our lives are filled with choices. We decide where to eat, live, work, play and sleep. We choose our mates and careers. We have a choice as to what gender to claim and what religion to believe.

None of this is new information but it’s the backdrop to the real purpose of this blog and that is making bad decisions. Why is it that people make bad decisions or can’t see how illogical we can be at times. It seems that we struggle most with choices when our emotions are involved.

Emotion tends to cloud our judgment and force us into seeing things as no-win scenarios. Then we make a flurry of bad decisions and next thing we know all hell has broken loose! We got pregnant, dropped out of school, started smoking, quit our jobs and stop going to church. We make decisions about our relationships that dig us into a hole and severe otherwise great friendships.

Some would argue that we have too many choices. They believe that the bad choices say a lot about the development of our minds and that maybe we are not smart enough for all of these choices. With whatever stage of life you are in, it is important to make sound choices and count the cost before jumping feet first into an opportunity that sounds too good to be true.

The worst part of bad decisions is the aftermath when you’re sitting in the mess you caused. It’s not rocket science. Choice should be logical and decisions should be rooted in common sense. And above all else, stay ahead of the learning curve.