And then came Autumn

Autumn leaves in the breeze as pretty as you please.

As the earth prepares for this cold and our bones remind us that we’re getting old,

We should be grateful to see it, thankful to meet it and hopeful of what it will bring.

There is something special about this season, there is more than just one reason.

We’re faced with what we have done with the time.

Whether our failures outweigh our successes or not, we are faced with reality albeit it cold or hot.

In the fall we take responsibility for these things.

For reflection is the view of the day, as we’re planning to be in a better position anyway.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s never all of your fault.

We’re all a work in progress, but I must confess this truth:

To be in a situation you don’t like is a mental health offense. Your reasoning benefits someone else.

One of the greatest uses of Autumn is the timing. It’s time to leave unproductive things and people behind. We use the Winter to recover and focus on what’s ahead. By Spring we’re doing a new thing and the Summer is full of nothing but fun!

It is only then that we can meaningfully say, “Autumn leaves in the breeze as pretty as you please.”

2 Replies to “And then came Autumn”

  1. Hi dear brother you remind us of the nice moments we had in Sandusky. In Zambia we are bracing for the rainy season which is just starting and ending in April 2012.

    One poet said, “We are here today and gone tomorrow, thats how life in this world is. When the little bird sang in my garden summer time seem here to stay. Autom came and winter followed, the flowers died and the birds flew away. We are here today and gone tomorrow thats how life in this world is.”

    1. It is great to hear from you and know that you and your family are well. Thanks for sharing and please stay in touch.

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