There is a lot to be thankful for

A vegan Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Today marks the start of the third year of my blog. I am thankful to all those who have read, posted responses and emailed me regarding this blog. I want to take this site to another level and for me that means I want to offer you more. I want to focus more on my service to various communities. I have never truly connected this site to my world of work. Many of you know that I do workshops and speak at conferences. but I have not made these available online — until now!

I want to add a variety of things on this blog to serve you. From video blogs to surveys and workshops I want this to be a safe place for those who are struggling. I want to provide you with resources and helpful information. I want enlightenment for you — that’s my promise. And in this third year, I will deliver. Please subscribe to this site to get the latest information about workshops, speaking engagments, book releases and blog posts. Please feel free to contact me for counseling, questions or speaking inquiries. I would also love your feedback on this site and ideas you feel will make it better.

In honor of this third-year anniversary I am polling for my upcoming Man up! Conference to be held in Detroit, MI on the morning of Dec. 31st (More information to come). If you or you know a male 16 – 60 years of age, you need to send them to this website to complete the quick survey below and fill out the comment box at the end of this post to receive registration information via email. This conference will deal with intergrity, character, courage, ambition, vulnerability and reliability. This conference is a game changer! Men who have been broken will be mended. Those who have been enslaved (mentally), will be delivered and those seeking direction, will be guided. Participants will have access to online coaching and be notified first about future workshops. This conference has 4 sessions and costs $30 per session. Payment upfront for all four sessions will save you $20. Space is limited so reserve your spot today.

Thank you for your support of my work and please keep me lifted up in prayer.



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  1. Man-Up sounds like and exciting conference. Love to attend already made prior arrangements. May God continue to use you fro the edification of his Kingdom. Keep fighting the good fight of faith. Truly a man of God, out front leading in this spiritual battle. We thank God for leaders like you. I pray for you and all the Evangelist who are guided by the Holy Spirit.

    The Truth shall set you free! Amen!

    Bro. G Washington

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