Welcome 2013!

2013Now that 2012 is gone and the fiscal cliff has been avoided, we can not get on to the real business of the new year and that is to make ourselves better. Each of the 365 days in this year will be special because they are from God. But what will we do with the time?

I have pledge to lead a life stress-free and eating healthy. I want to exercise regularly and take more time to meditate. I am preparing to make the leap from being vegetarian to vegan and I want to spend more time alone. This is my year to take a break from the daily grind and take care of myself — spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Everything that I do in 2013 will have 2014 in mind. This year should be a game changer.

What about you dear reader? How will you spend 2013? Hopefully, you will not waste any of the days living with regret. Hopefully you will not take any of the days for granted, but seek to live each day to the fullest. Will you spend the year making promises you can’t keep? Will you spend time preparing to do something all year long without ever getting anything accomplished? Will you be able to walk away from bad relationships or people who bring you down instead of build you up? Will you stop being afraid of the unknown? Will you take responsibility for your own mistakes? Will you return to church? Will you save any money this year?

Whatever it is that you decide to work on, I want to encourage you to go all out. Give your ideas a fair chance to breathe. Don’t allow those who doubt you to get under your skin. Turn a death ear to negativity and fly like an eagle this year. It is all up to you! Happy New Year!