Calm before the storm


It has been a while since I have posted a blog because I have been busy promoting my first book and writing my second, but with 21 days left before election day I felt it necessary to give a few words about candidates.

We are witnessing the last month’s of the Obama era and I remember how I felt in 2008 when we were about to vote for the presidency and I had the opportunity for the first time in my life to vote for a president that looked like me. For the first time I could see a new connection with the democratic process and I thought that for the first time there was a place for me in America.

I actually felt like a pilgrim up until this point. Well, after 8 years and failed expectations that I had for the first Black president, I learned more about government processes than I cared to know. I learned more about my friends (or so-called friends) and more about my enemies. I learned more about why America was in the position it is in and I learned that our political parties are too self serving to do well for the masses.

I want a candidate who takes responsibility for the allegiance to our flag that we speak and who values every person called an American regardless of their color, creed or nationality.

I want a candidate that fears God and believes that accountability is to him first instead of interest groups.

I want a candidate who will end the war against people of color and bring together all sides. I need a person who will stop allowing companies to profit off the demise of others. I want a candidate who will end our involvement in all wars.

Dear reader ask yourself if you would like to be treated the way Black people are treated in this country? Ask yourself would you like to be treated like Hispanics are treated in this country? Or better, ask yourself would you like to be treated like we treat women in this country?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe we have ever had a candidate that cared about or could do anything about these things. We have never had a president that made these issues priority with any success and sadly, it will not happen this time either. It has been said that a revolution is coming. Are you ready for that?

Happy Election Day!

3 Replies to “Calm before the storm”

  1. Appreciate your insightful comments!

  2. Great is your analysis dear Sir Clyde about the presidency in your country. We too in our country facing the politics. No saviour of the down trodden and the actual needy. All deceitful people. They did not stand before God the Almighty. All seek their own and self and supporters to develop the right. No brotherhood. God knows the Heart of Man. Any way we pray
    God to give victory to a person who loves the right! Amen!

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