Guess it does not matter anymore . . .

I remember in the 90s when then President Bill Clinton had charges brought against him for perjury and obstruction of Justice because Congress was attempting to impeach him. The real reason behind the impeachment was the sexual harassment charges filed against Clinton by Ms. Paula Jones.

Old boy Bill had been a bit naughty on more than one occasion and the Republicans went ballistic! The party used the morality argument saying how could a man run the country if he could not manage his home?

Evangelicals pounded their chests, pointed fingers and threw Holy scriptures at the Clintons. The First Lady did not get much support as she attempted to pick up the pieces of their broken relationship. Rev. Jessie Jackson reached out to help the couple and despite the president’s success, hanging was too good for him.

This just shows that family values were to be honored in this country and it mattered for the highest position in the free world that whoever stepped  in those shoes could tow a moral line.

I have no problem with that, in fact I applaud the effort and at this level we should expect a higher standard of morality from our leaders. Say what you want about the current president, but the Obamas were very strong in this area.

In the history of the US presidency there has only been one divorcee and that was Ronald Reagan. Two presidents were widowers and married while in office and one president was single.

Donald Trump is on his third marriage and has a blended family. He has had as many wives as he has had bankruptcies and people still believe he is a successful business man and his marriages have never come up.

I assume this is where our country is now. We no longer care about family and the purity of marriage. If you have money in this country, you really can do whatever you want because the gatekeepers are sellouts!

The Clintons or Trumps should have never been allowed to run for office. In the 80s and earlier I don’t believe they would have been eligible because of their moral issues.

I appreciate the Bush family for the standard they set for family and all the other presidents who sought to set the example this way. The soul of America is sinful and the spirit is ignorant. It won’t be long before this body is destroyed.

BUT I guess it really doesn’t matter anymore ….

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  1. You have definitely hit the mark with your reply. It just shows how far this country has fallen into disgrace! We are now all about the money.

  2. Well said, brother!!!!! It matters to me. I dearly wish we had different choices from which to chose on either side. How low this nation has fallen.

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