The resurrection and the life

The bible is full of descriptive words for Jesus and this is the time of year where the description of resurrection and life is most applicable.

In John’s gospel we read about Jesus trying to explain this idea to Martha. She believed him, but thought the description was more accurate for a future time and not the present. You see, Mary and Martha were going through a difficult time — their brother Lazarus died.

The lesson is that Jesus was not trying to get her to believe that day in a future event that didn’t affect the present. He wanted her to believe in the present on a description that is applicable for all time. Jesus is not just the resurrection after death; he is the resurrection for the past, present and future. And if that isn’t enough, his resurrection is relevant for all times.

How? Great question!

What if someone was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer today? Jesus is still their resurrection. My grandmother died in the late 70s and Jesus is the resurrection for her back then. There are people who are not yet born who Jesus will serve as their resurrection as well.

We are celebrating the resurrection for Easter and the fact that he rose will be emphasized. But the relevance of his resurrection will not be touched.

I’m telling you dear friends that Jesus being the resurrection is a promise for all times and for all who believe. This single fact cancels death, brings hope and restores lives. It gives the believers an increased faith in standing on his promises despite what we see.

We need to live in a way that tells the world that he is our resurrection and life and we are confident in what we have committed unto him.

With this understanding there is no need for fear.

Happy Easter!