God went first

So much of what we encounter daily is conditional. We deal with things in business, school and relationships that are conditional — you get something when I get something.

The reason for things being conditional is because whenever we give or share ourselves, we then are missing what we shared. A part of us gets depleted when we give. Energy was accessed and used when we give of ourselves. This effects our ability to serve, love, forgive, restore and give. We struggle moving on in our comings and goings because we will not allow ourselves to be “spent” for another person’s advancement.

So then how could we ever Agape or love like Jesus taught it?

God went first.

What that means is that before you serve another and think that your energy will be depleted and before you forgive or love and believe that you are losing something, remember that God went first.

He was the first to give, he was the first to serve, he was the first to forgive and he was definitely the first and the source of our love.

So if he went first then we are really working or serving from our overflow. God already forgave first so then you will forgive because of the surplus God has already given.

For those in Christ, we are working and operating from a state of overflow. You have more than enough to be unconditional because God went first.

One Reply to “God went first”

  1. Amen, Doc! We always seem to forget that there is nothing “first” about any of us…as much as we want to be first. It is when we focus on Him, and not ourselves, that we gain the wherewithal to get through those difficult times. I love that concept of “tapping into God’s overflow. For, if we do, we will never find ourselves in that state of inertia that inhibits our faith walk.

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