Good resolution: Learn to be ok with saying no.

One of the greatest lessons to learn for 2020 is to say no. Many people allow for circumstances and relationships to control them literally taking the power out of their hands.

Some of us have a need to feel needed that although we complain, we still agree to do whatever because it satisfies that feeling of neediness.

Others are worried about what people will think of them if they say no. Still others believe they are so not worthy of anything better, will just do whatever is asked. These people can be “guilted” into agreeing to almost anything.

So let’s make 2020 different. Below is a list of “no” responses. You can even add your own expletives but you need to hear yourself say no out loud. It’s even a good idea to record yourself saying no in various ways and listening to the playback. It will increase your courage. Give it a try!

1) No

2) Absolutely not

3) No thank you

4) Seriously, no

5) I have decided not to invest my time in that

6) Boy bye!

7) Not going to happen

8) I’m sure you will figure something else out

9) Hell no!

10) Ha ha ha ha ha!