Western civilization is overrun by fear

President Franklin Roosevelt said that there is nothing to fear, but fear itself. I’m here to tell you that fear itself is more than enough.

Before bias there was fear. Before racism there was fear. Before we began to blame each other, there was fear and before my hate crime, there was fear.

Fear has been the catalyst for misunderstanding, anxiety, false narratives, fake news and all the name calling we hear out of Washingron DC.

Fear makes everything worse. During Roosevelt’s time America was afraid of the struggling economy and began pulling their funds out of the banks which made the problem worse. Roosevelt was basically telling America that it was their fear that was fueling their behavior and that it is making an already troubled economy worse.

Fear has always been at the scene of every crime that kills unity and drives us further apart. As a country we are divided and that is because we fear what we don’t know of each other. Our anxiety is escalated because we believe the “other” person has ill feelings toward us.

When generations fear something it invites the cancer (fear) into every new community to come afterwards and then they repeat the mistakes of the previous group.

History continues to warn us through cycle after cycle and then it repeats. We’re still stumbling over the same parts. What’s wrong with us?!?

We are afraid.

There is no massive fix for this. The solution is individual and each American is called to answer the same question: What are we afraid of?

I must deal with my own fears. I must be the director of my path and not allow the person God made me to be controlled by what I can’t see. We are a nation under God who is afraid. That should be an oxymoron, but instead it’s truth.

Will you take responsibility for your own fear?