Living in the land of opposites: Nothing is as it seems

Have you noticed how it seems that everything we name as a country ends up doing the opposite of what it’s supposed to do?

I mean we live in a democracy but have had very few years of functioning that way. We have made many promises, but rarely keep them. We use all the talking points, musical lyrics and signage of a great country — land of the free and home of the brave — and the beautiful eagle that is prominently displayed all over the place. But for what?

Our healthcare is everything but care. Rated by the World Heath Organization as the 37th ( May 10, 2019) overall (let it sink in that 36 other countries have better healthcare than we do), ours is far too high, too restrictive, and treats symptoms instead of underlining causes. Most families will have a healthcare scare and be thrusted into debt over it. So why is it called healthcare? It makes it seem like the system cares for our health. But …

The psychology of minimum wage was never a good plan. It was put in place years ago by the greedy to find the least amount they would have to pay. So when jobs are created have you ever wondered why they never go into depth about the type of jobs that were created? They just needed a bottomline. Minimum wage is that bottom line. What if we changed the name to maximum wage and we pay the greatest amount we could afford to pay. This would not only increase wages instantly, but it would be based on industry which makes a huge difference.

For example, Gilligan’s island was a sitcom from the 60s. All but two of the cast members are deceased. The creator of the series (who of course was not the talent) made 90 million on the reruns. The actors made nothing and you can still find this show on TV. There were 7 main characters. Could a deal have been made for the talent to get residuals?

In 2008 when the economy tanked we did an auto industry bailout, but it didn’t bailout all of the retired folks who gave 30 to 40 years of their life only to have their pensions take a hit — they should have been bailed out first.

And then there is the justice system. In our country it only matters what you can prove. Truth is an afterthought. Our justice system is set up for the rich. If you can afford a good lawyer, you can get out of just about anything. Why would we call it the “justice” system and not the “privileged” system because that’s who it serves.

I could name 7 more things like this but in the interest of ending on a positive note, I just simply want to bring awareness to these conditions in order for my readers to make them talking points for the Democrats who are seeking the white house. We can have a far better country!