Who’s journey is it anyway?

A journey is a voyage or the act of traveling or working. The word is used as both the noun and the verb so this word is quite descriptive.

So discovering your journey or living out your journey is to move us from one place to another. We can go from being clumsy to graceful. We can go from ignorant to enlightened or we can just go from Albany to Buffalo — either way we are moving with a purpose.

Now comes the New Year and we reflect of the past journey as a gage for how the new journey in the new year will proceed. We make plans, research, and plot a course for success. We make no room for life to happen on our journey. So we are easily derailed by death or the loss of something. Health challenges and relationship changes effect our journey in a mighty way.

The ultimate question is how do we know if we’re doing what we were meant to do? I mean if life can so easily beset us, does that mean that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing unless tragedy strikes and then I’m excused?

I believe the key is forward motion. In life we need to be constantly moving forward. The pace may change due to life’s challenges but forward is the constant, not a variable. Then the meaning of life is simple: How many hits can you take and keep moving forward? We are in pursuit of our destiny and when you make it from one year to the next it’s a blessing.

You made the cut and you get to advance another year. Make the most of the year. It goes by so fast and when we realize the speed we’re traveling, summer is almost over. Strive to be the best version of yourself as you tackle life. You want to grab all that you can as you move forward. The gratitude and celebration is in the moving or how you negotiate the journey. Be strong and enjoy the ride!